Adventures of Superman 456 – Turmoil in Metropolis


Ordway, Jurgens and Thibert bring Superman back to Metropolis just as things go crazy in Adventures of Superman 456 (July 1989).


The story opens as Superman discovers the power of the Eradicator.  All he has to do is hold it and wish that he was home, and he gets transported back to our solar system.


Back on Earth, Morgan Edge’s links to Intergang spell trouble for all involved, as we see that Intergang’s weaponry is coming from Apokolips, and Edge has been dealing with Darkseid.  With so much being exposed by Kent’s articles in the Daily Planet, Turmoil, a killer robot, is sent to eliminate Clark Kent and Lois Lane, who has taken over writing the expose.


Lois brings Cat Grant to Perry White, explaining that she is the source for the information on Intergang.  They get all involved in discussing by-lines and credits, but Cat cuts them off.  She did this to prove to them that she was a real reporter, not for a by-line.  Both Lois and Perry, who had spent so much time cutting her down, look suitably ashamed of themselves.


Matrix is still impersonating Clark, and is the first target of Turmoil.  Although he survives the attack, he is unable to explain anything to Cat, being Matrix and all, which weirdly helps him cover his powers.


Jose Delgado goes into action against Turmoil when it goes after Lois Lane, putting Luthor’s new suit to come good use.  But even so, he is clearly outmatched.


And as Superman approaches Earth, Brainiac awakes.

The story continues in the next issue of Action Comics.



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