Adventures of Superman 455 – Superman and the Eradicator


The Cleric gives Superman the Eradicator, the bastion of all that is Kryptonian, in Adventures of Superman 455 (June 1989), by Ordway, Jurgens and Art Thibert.


Superman is hesitant to accept the strange object from the somewhat fanatical alien priest, even though he learned about through their mind-meld in the Action Comics annual.


Matrix makes it to the Daily Planet, but frustrates everyone there with his exceptionally clued out nature.  Perry White and Jimmy Olsen assume that his mental state is due to whatever has been happening to him, but want some answers, which Matrix is unable to give.


Cat Grant pays a surprise visit to Lois Lane, and reveals that she has been Clark’s source on Intergang. her entire relationship with Morgan Edge was only to get information from him.  Lois avoids calling her on that point, admitting that she has done things she is not proud of to get a story.  But now Cat fears for her life, and Lois, despite herself, is clearly impressed with the woman.


On Warworld, chaos has broken out since Superman defied Mongul.  The shadowy rulers of the planet have offered the crown to Draaga if he can defeat Mongul, and the two fight.


Superman’s first contact with the Eradicator turns out dressing him as a Kryptonian.  It responded to his wish for new clothing, but used the clothes it believed he wanted.  The Cleric explains that Superman must fully open his mind to the device for it to function properly.


Draaga beats Mongul, by removing the chest plate he requires to survive. Mongul flees, but is not at all happy about it.


And Superman gets the Eradicator to clothe him properly.  He now intends to return to Warworld and set things right.


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