Adventures of Superman 454 – Superman enslaved, and Luthor feels no joy


The weekly order of the Superman books alters with this issue, which follows upon the last one, rather than coming after the latest issue of Superman.


Adventures of Superman 454 (May 1989) begins as Superman wakes up on the slave ship, getting pawed by various alien creatures.  Once again, this story is all Ordway.


Back on Earth, Morgan Edge drives Cat Grant and Adam back to Metropolis.  He is very concerned about the Intergang exposes, and wonders how Clark can still be filing stories if he is dead.  He asks Cat to use her contacts at the Daily Planet to find out who is Kent’s source.


Matrix arrives in Metropolis, dressed as Clark Kent.  He runs into Bibbo, who is not as dumb as he appears.  He does not recognize Matrix as Clark, but does recognize him as Superman.


As the issue ends, Superman is hauled before the master of the slave ship, Mongul, making his post-Crisis debut.

The story continues in Action Comics Annual 2.


Lex Luthor triumphs in this chapter of the Stern, Jurgens and Janke story, though the people at STAR Labs do all they can to fend him off.


They even approach Morgan Edge about making a counter bid, but he plans to make money selling Luthor the vast amount of STAR Labs stock he has bought, and turns them down.


STAR winds up selling off a psionics facility to get money to buy up their own stock, at which point Luthor pulls his bid, leaving Edge with stock whose value is now plummeting.  But STAR was unaware that the firm they sold the labs to was really a shell corporation for Lexcorp, and was the one thing he wanted from them all along.

But he is not really happy to have won. It was no challenge, and with Superman gone, he wonders if he will ever face a real challenge again.


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