Adventures of Superman 452 – Superman vs the Word Bringer


Dan Jurgens joins Dennis Janke as the Word Bringer, from Annual 1, comes back in Adventures of Superman 452 (March 1989).


Superman comes across the Word Bringer’s ship, with its row upon row of brains.  Superman cannot convince Word Bringer that he is doing anything wrong, he still feels that “union,” as he calls it, is in the best interests of those he collects.  Superman does learn that he was not actually responsible for the deaths back in Trudeau, that the brains had knocked him out to prevent him from stopping them from turning their life support off telepathically.  Lois Lane, back on Earth, has stumbled across the town of Trudeau, being kept secret by the military.


Morgan Edge continues to romance Cat Grant, and gives Adam expensive toys.  As Cat seems quite impressed, Edge begins to open up about his activities outside GBS.


Back on the ship, Eon is the physical manifestation of the brains, and believes that Superman has a point.  He is more powerful than Word Bringer, and decides to no longer follow his orders.  They will continue to harvest brains, but only of those dying and/or willing.  Superman has little choice but to go along with it.  And presumably that is what happens, as we never see Eon or Word Bringer again.


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