Adventures of Superman 451 – meanwhile back on Earth


Ordway goes it alone in Adventures of Superman 452 (Feb. 89), an issue where Superman’s actions are the least interesting part.


The dead body in Clark Kent’s apartment gets mis-identified as Kent, and Morgan Edge believes that his Intergang hitmen have gotten rid of his chief nuisance.  Amanda McCoy knows it was really Matthew Stockton’s body, but keeps quiet about it.


Happersen adds a illusion projector to Jose Delgado’s armor, projecting an image of him smiling and happy to be Luthor’s muscle, something Jose most certainly does not feel.


Toby Raines, a reporter for a rival paper, contacts the Kents to get their reactions to their son’s death, but Pa Kent insists Clark is alive and well and staying with them.  Matrix lets them know that people just keeping calling, and Ma Kent is unsure of what to do in this situation.


Luthor sends Delgado to kill Emil Hamilton.  Jerry White sees him en route, and after Hamilton traps Delgado in the force field cage, works with Hamilton as they separate Delgado from Happersen’s controls.  Happersen and Luthor are busy with Brainiac at the time, and do not realize what is happening at first.


Emil Hamilton cuts into a live broadcast, and as he destroys the controls on Delgado’s body, they openly praise Luthor, also on the air, for freely donating Delgado’s implants, neatly checkmating him, and releasing Jose.  Luthor is not at all pleased.


And what of Superman?  He spends some time in space fighting energy parasites.


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