Adventures of Superman 450 – Superman says goodbye


Ordway and Janke touch on Invasion! in Adventures of Superman 450 (Jan. 89), but the main thrust of the story deals with events from the Superman books themselves.


The story picks up immediately after the previous issue of Superman, as the Guardian rips open Gangbuster’s costume, discovering that he is really Superman.  Superman is just as surprised about this as the Guardian, he had no awareness of his alternate identity.


Jose Delgado finds out that Lois Lane’s feelings towards him are not as romantic as his for her.  His displeasure at the situation prevents him from paying attention to her warnings about his new legs.


So it’s doubly crushing when Delgado discovers that Lois was right all along, and Luthor’s people are in complete control of his implants.  Jose Delgado will now be Lex Luthor’s bodyguard, whether he wants to be or not.


Cat Grant’s subplot continues, as Morgan Edge invites her and her son for a weekend in the country.  But Cat seems a bit more concerned about a letter she needs to mail.


Fearing what he might do now that he knows about his split personality, Superman decides to leave Earth.  He lets Perry White know that he is taking time off to work on his Intergang expose, and leaves a bundle of articles with Ma and Pa Kent, to be mailed at intervals.  He had visited Emil Hamilton earlier in the issue, getting an oxygen supply, and a mini-teleporter that allows him “small” jumps through space.  As Matrix looks on, he kisses Lana Lang goodbye, and flies off.


The last couple of panels show the explosion of the meta-gene bomb, which leads into Invasion! 3.  This was neatly done.  Superman does take part in the final installment of that crossover series, but his own books simply follow him into space.


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