Adventures of Superman 449 – the hunt for Superman


Ordway and Janke give Gangbuster, the Guardian and the Newsboy Legion the major roles in Adventures of Superman 449 (Feb. 89), an Invasion! crossover that deals with Superman’s disappearance in the previous issue of his own book.


The issue picks up as the Guardian hunts down Gangbuster, with the Newsboy Legion tagging along in his special Cadmus car.


Thinking that the Guardian needs help, but quarreling amongst themselves, the Newsboys inadvertently wind up slamming the car into the Gangbuster, who pushes the Guardian out of the way at the last minute.  The Guardian dives in after them, but Gangbuster has vanished.  Still, the Newsboys are trapped in the sinking car.  In a scene mirroring that on the cover, Superman shows up to rescue them.


Jimmy Olsen has also been hunting for Superman, and winds up at the Ace of Clubs, where he meets Bibbo for the first time.


Superman has no idea where he was during the period when everyone was looking for him.  But now that he is back, Captain Atom pulls him into the Invasion! storyline, as he is sent as an emissary to the Dominators to negotiate a cease fire.  The Dominators demand that the Earth’s governments turn over all meta-humans to them.  Superman meets with Captain Atom, General Eiling and Amanda Waller as the issue ends, about to address the heroes of Earth, in a lead in to the second issue of Invasion!


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