Adventures of Superman 446 – the return of Gangbuster


Once again the subplots pretty much command the story in Adventures of Superman 446 (Nov. 88), by Ordway and Janke.


Superman continues to be haunted by his execution of the Phantom Zone criminals, and dreams of their vengeful ghosts.


Morgan Edge, who had been re-introduced earlier in Superman, gets some play in this issue, as we see him attempting to lure Cat Grant away from the Planet.  We also see his connection to Intergang, as they plot to intercept some super-wepaonry.


Jose Delegado begins a series of experimental operations to restore his legs, despite Lois Lane’s warnings.  Jose is too eager to return to his former life to be cautious, and is willing playing right into Lex Luthor’s hands.


A secret shipment of super-suits gets hijacked by Intergang, although the men who get the uniforms do not use them particularly well.  Even so, Superman is not impressed.


And that night, Gangbuster returns, making a vicious attack on the people behind the shipment.


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