Adventures of Superman 443 – through the sandstorm


Jerry Ordway moves over to scripting in Adventures of Superman 443 (Aug. 88), while John Statema and Doug Hazelwood take on the art as Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent head to the Middle East in search of a missing reporter.


Jimmy meets Tehra, who leads him off into the desert, and into her dimension.  She is luring Jimmy so that the Emperor’s son can use him as a host body to cross dimensions.


Superman manages to enter the dimension through a sandstorm, and helps the rebels against the Emperor.  Tehra’s brother, Husque, is one of the rebels, and Tehra switches sides, and helps Superman free Jimmy.


The Emperor turns out to be possessing the body of the missing reporter, who dies in the battle. One of the rebels grabs the Emperor’s mask, and proclaims himself the new leader.  Superman and Jimmy head back, but we will see these people again down the road.


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