Adventures of Superman 442 – Clark Kent saves the Justice League


Byrne, Ordway and Andy Kubert conclude the introduction of Psi-Phon and Dreadnought, begun in the last issue of Superman, in Adventures of Superman 442, which guest stars many former Justice League members.


Superman is pretty much overwhelmed by this pair.  Psi-Phon removes his powers, giving them to Dreadnought, so as Superman gets weaker, his enemy gets stronger.


Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter show up to help, and later Captain Marvel and the Elongated Man join in the battle as well, but all of them wind up losing their powers as well.


There are a couple of subplots followed.  Lois Lane brings Jose Delgado home from the hospital.  Now confined to a wheelchair, he feels humiliated when Lois stops a mugging right in front of him.


Supergirl heads to Smallville, and comes face to face with Lana Lang, but we see no more of their encounter.


Superman winds up triumphing by attacking Dreadnought as Clark Kent.  He had figured out that Psi-Phon was lying about stealing his powers, as there was no way to drain the solar energy from his cells permanently.  And indeed, the alien was simply suppressing them. It’s a good ending, and the two take off, but will return a couple years down the road.


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