Adventures of Superman 441 – Mxyzptlk goes Hollywood


Mxyzptlk makes his second appearance since the reboot in the Byrne, Ordway and Janke story in Adventures of Superman 441 (June 1988), showing up in Hollywood.


It’s one of my favourite Mxyzptlk stories, not the least because it gets established that saying his name backwards only worked to get rid of him the first time because that was the rule he set.  This time around, he will only go back to his dimension if Superman makes him paint his face blue.


The issue also gives a lot of play to the subplots.  Adam Grant questions his mother about how she feels about Jimmy Olsen, who clearly has a big crush on her.  Cat is flattered, but not interested.  Adam makes the comment that his mother likes all the guys.


Janet Fine loses her temper with Milton, who seems to be recovering.  But when she storms out and says she is leaving him, we see Brainiac take control of him again.


Supergirl is now up and walking, but remembers nothing about herself, except that she is Supergirl.


And a mysterious figure is raiding various Lexcorp facilities around the world, hunting for something.


Back in Hollywood, Mxyzptlk turns Superman into a cartoon figure, and pits him against others, including a Fred Flintstone knock-off, and a horde of Smurf-types.


Mxyzptlk’s fun looks like its about to take a deadly turn, but that’s when Superman triumphs.


Stocking a make-up tray with special effects powder, that will change an actor’s skin tone under different lighting, he succeeds in making Mxyzptlk paint his face blue.


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