Adventures of Superman 440 – guest stars and subplots


There really is no main storyline to Adventures of Superman 440 (May 1988), but an awful lot does happen in this story by Byrne, Ordway and Dennis Janke.


We get it confirmed that Emil Hamilton constructed the Superman robot from the previous issue, and though they try out another one, it fails to work, and they scrap the notion.  Superman has to rush off, as he is preparing for a date with Wonder Woman.


Jerry White pays a visit to Jose in the hospital, and it seems that the boy has finally become more stable and grounded.  But that’s about the only good news Jose gets, as he finds out his nervous system was damaged beyond repair, and that he will never be able to walk again.  Lois Lane has some harsh words for Jerry as they cross paths at the hospital.  She’s just nasty to everyone.  Except Jose.


Superman meets with Batman, to get the results on the scrapbook he was sent.  Batman has nothing to report, aside from the fact that it clearly proves he is Clark Kent.  Superman is taken aback by the fact that Batman has figured out who he is, but fires back, by calling him Mr. Wayne.


We also catch up with the mysterious Supergirl, found in the Antarctic in a recent issue of Superman, now thawing out and waking up.


The issue ends as Superman and Wonder Woman begin their date with a passionate kiss.  The date continues in Action 600.


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