Adventures of Superman 439 – a Superman robot


There are a lot of subplots brewing in Adventures of Superman 439 (April 1988), thanks to Byrne, Ordway and Beatty, while the main storyline re-introduces and gets rid of the notion of the Superman robots.


One winds up so injured that his arm is gone, and is brought to the same hospital where Joe Delgado is recuperating.  Lois was there, visiting Delgado, when Perry White lets her know about the injured Superman.  The robot believes that he is the real thing, turned into a robot.


Clark Kent shows up at the hospital, enduring Lois’ cold and snide remarks to him.  The robot does help cover his identity, and he pieces together that it must have been called on by Jimmy Olsen, using his signal watch.  Sure enough, Jimmy, Cat and Adam have all been captured by a paramilitary organization after stumbling across their secret base.


Clark accompanies Lois and the robot as they seek out and find their friends, and the robot sacrifices himself to free them.  Lois shows her skills with a machine gun, the first time we get a feeling of her growing up as an army brat.

Lois questions how Superman could have built the robot, never having shown that aptitude before, but he refuses to answer.  A hint is given in the issue, though, as we learn Clark has been in contact with the recently released Emil Hamilton.

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