Adventures of Superman 437 – a twice told tale


Byrne, Ordway and Beatty create an interesting split issue in Adventures of Superman 437 (Feb. 88), a Millenium crossover that sees Lex Luthor try to promote his point of view to Celia Windward, while Lois Lane gives her coverage of the same issue.


Both stories deal with a rampaging foe, the Combattor.  Lois Lane was out on a date with Jose Delgado when the man attacks the movie theatre.


Luthor’s version of the tale has a callous Superman fighting the Combattor, but we see that in reality it was Jose, in his Gangbuster gear, who went up against the man.


While Luthor describes Superman easily defeating the Combattor, without caring about the collateral damage, in actuality Gangbuster fought long and hard against the foe, who wound up killed by his own super-powered suit. In death,he collapsed on Jose, breaking his back.

As usual, Superman knows Luthor was responsible, but cannot prove it.  Celia was not impressed either.


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