Adventures of Superman 435 – closing the Circle


Wolfman, Ordway and John Beatty conclude the Circle storyline in Adventures of Superman 435 (Dec. 87).


Clark Kent is assigned to drive a racing car, to report on how it feels. Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen are there as well, as things go badly when the Circle take control of Superman’s mind, putting him into a hallucinatory state, which results in a car crash.


Meanwhile, we learn that Charger was also part of the Circle, as he breaks Concussion out of prison.  Mammoth expects be broken out as well, but Charger has no interest in his former teammate.  Despite being back with the Circle, Charger, Concussion and even Deuce are not relied on for another attack against the hero.


Instead they rely on some bizarre visual hallucinations, trying to make Superman see that he is nothing special.  The hallucinations bring back the imagery of the Super-Pets and the Newsboy Legion.


At one point Superman even envisions himself fighting a giant green Jimmy Olsen.


But the Circle finally come to accept that he is not one of them.  They ask Superman for help, needing his power to transport themselves to another world.  All Superman has to do is join hands with the woman, and the Circle are gone.

A bit of a lame ending to this plot line, despite the fun “cameos” in the issue.

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