Adventures of Superman 434 – Gangbuster!


Wolfman, Ordway and Jose Marzan Jr bring the street youth storyline to a close in Adventures of Superman 434 (Nov. 87), as Jose Delgado becomes a costumed hero.


Perry White bails his son out of prison, and Jerry promises to turn over a new leaf, and for once an issue passes without him committing a crime.  Jose adopts the identity of Gangbuster to pursue the leads that Jerry gave him, finding the location of Luthor’s Synapse project and busting in.


Superman gets on the case as well, and to the surprise of both men, so does Jerry White.  Together they defeat those running the project, but Luthor is able to divert all ties to himself, pinning it all on mob boss Falk.  Despite this, Superman informs Luthor that he knows he was behind it.


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