Adventures of Superman 433 – Jerry White goes to jail


Wolfman, Ordway and Robert Smith continue the saga of Jerry White in Adventures of Superman 433 (Oct. 87).


It’s Jimmy Olsen who gets to catch Jerry White involved in crime in this issue, but just like Superman, lets it slide for fear of hurting the boy’s father.


Lois goes to see Jose Delgado, who has been looking after Jerry, as much as the boy will allow.  But she comes in at a bad time, as the two are fighting and Jerry storms out.

This time Jerry gets caught, and sent to jail.  Perry White refuses to step in, though his heart is breaking, figuring the boy needs to realize the consequences of his actions.


We see that Luthor has been using the kids in a project of his, to create a powerful weapon against Superman.  The kids that have been experimented on become more violent and anti-social.  After a beating at the hands of Metropolis’ finest, Jerry reveals to Jose that Luthor is the one who has rounded up the kids.  But all this knowledge does is get Jose attacked again.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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