Adventures of Superman 430 – Superman vs the Fearsome Five


The Fearsome Five, usually villains of the New Teen Titans, come to Metropolis with two new members in the Wolfman and Ordway story in Adventures of Superman 430 (July 1987).


Mammoth, Shimmer and Gizmo are joined by Charger, who can channel electric blasts of a strength great enough to stun Superman, and Deuce, who can create multiple images of herself.  Their first encounter pretty much ends in a stalemate.  The villains get driven off, but Superman is down for the count.


They attack again on the night that Ma and Pa Kent are celebrating their anniversary with a big party.  Pete Ross and Lana Lang are there, and even though the Kents and Lana make excuses for Clark’s absence, it does not sit well with Pete.  On Superman’s side, he feels like he is just not able to handle the Five, as well as all the other things that have been going on (in his other books, which are shown in recap).


He visits his parents to apologize, but they think there is nothing to apologize for, and give him a pep talk.  The next time he faces the Fearsome Five he deals with them one on one, and far more successfully.  But Deuce, the last he faces, turns out to be a far more powerful enemy than he had expected, with links that are pretty clearly to the Circle, although Superman does not put that together.



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