Adventures of Superman 429 – Cat Grant’s son


Family problems are once again at the core of the story in the Wolfman and Ordway tale in Adventures of Superman 429 (June 1987).


The Circle are back as well, combining their mental powers to endow one of their number, Concussion, with the strength to challenge Superman.


Clark Kent and Cat Grant go on a ski weekend, which begins to turn romantic.


But Clark is unsure of his feelings, and thinks things may be going too fast.  Still, he is very concerned when Cat Grant sees a news report implicating a Hollywood director, Joe Morgan, in the Falk trial.  We find out that Cat and Joe had a child together many years earlier, who Cat has never seen.


Superman goes to talk to Morgan, who has no respect for his former lover, and thinks Superman is just her new fling.  Concussion attacks at this point, wounding Morgan.  The boy, Adam Grant, believes Superman was responsible for injuring his father, and will continue to have issues with the hero for some time.


Superman defeats Concussion, and brings both Joe and Adam to the hospital.  Cat takes advantage of this to re-unite with her son, although the boy is unconscious at the time.  Superman wonders how much his feelings for Cat have influenced his actions, wondering if he had any right to approach Joe Morgan at all.


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