Adventures of Superman 428 – Jerry White in trouble


Some new characters are introduced in Adventures of Superman 428 (May 1987), a very powerful and effective issue that centres on Perry White, who has written a number of editorials against a gangster, Falk, who is about to go on trial.


Perry White has a son, Jerry, who has joined a street gang, the Cobras.  We meet him as he talks to a social worker, Jose Delgado, who is having some success at convincing the boy that a life of crime is not for him.


But then Jerry gets kidnapped by Falk’s men, who threaten to kill the boy unless Perry writes a retraction about the accusations against Falk.


Superman goes hunting for Jerry, and winds up at a bar, the Ace of Clubs, that will become a major location over the next few years.  He gets challenged by a tough guy, Bibbo, who gains respect for the hero after injuring his hand punching him.


While Perry agonizes over what to do, his wife Alice cannot believe that he would even question sacrificing his son for an article.  Perry tries to justify himself, but is having a hard time even convincing himself that not writing the retraction is the right thing to do.


Superman finds and rescues Jerry White, but the story does not come to a happy ending.  Jerry is in no way sympathetic to his father’s plight, seeing it as simply another example of how Perry cares more about the Daily Planet than about him.  And you get the feeling that Delgado’s work earlier, talking Jerry out of the Cobras, has all been thrown away.

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