Adventures of Superman 425 – Superman trapped by Emil Hamilton


Wolfman and Ordway continue with the Man’O War and Emil Hamilton plot lines from the previous issue in Adventures of Superman 425 (Feb. 87).


Superman discovers that the big mechanical destructive machine is being operated by terrorists from Qurac, a Middle Eastern nation opposed to the United States.  But as he is dealing with them, we learn far more about Emil Hamilton.  The scientist was once in Lex Luthor’s employ, but was cheated and kicked out of the company, with all his inventions taken away.


To prove the value of his force field, he holds a woman at gunpoint while challenging Superman.  As the hero suspected, the force field device proves a real challenge for him, though he does overcome it, simply by overloading the power supply.


Hamilton winds up in prison, and you have to feel sorry for the man, cheated and used, who went overboard trying to prove himself.


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