Superman 415 – the groom of Supergirl


When I first read Superman 415 (Jan. 86), I was not at all pleased by the story served up by Bates, Swan and Williamson.  It barely seemed to qualify as a Crisis crossover, and just seemed pointless.  Later, as I read more of Supergirl’s original run in Action Comics, and her first, short-lived series, I saw how much of a romance series it had been.  So very many stories toyed with the idea of Kara getting married.  While I still do not consider this a great story, I see the purpose that it served, of finally resolving her romantic life.


It begins as Superman gets alerted about a break in at the Fortress, and finds an alien, Jasma, who has stolen an object from Supergirl’s room.


Superman chases Jasma to retrieve the small globe, and Jasma links with Superman’s mind, telling him his story. he had encountered Supergirl a few years earlier, floating in space, near death.


He brought her back to his planet and nursed her back to health.  She had no memory of who she was, and the two fell in love, and married.  Then a big, scary monster attacked the planet, and Supergirl fought it off, but received a head injury during the battle.


The next morning Jasma awoke and found her gone, as well as the globe, a gift which recorded all her thoughts.


There is another nasty machine thing that shows up and needs to be defeated, but that’s really just a distracting bit of filler.  The end tells us what we want to know.  Supergirl regained her original memories, but lost all memory of Jasma.  So I guess she woke up, wondered who she was in bed with, and took off, grabbing the green globe as a memento of her one-night stand?  At any rate, her memory of Jasma was restored during the fight with Blackfire in her own book the year before. She leaves a message for both him and Superman.

So not the greatest, but he really was the groom of Supergirl.


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