Superman 412 – Clark’s new job


Bates, Swan and Williamson get back to the main storyline in Superman 412 (Oct. 85).


Superman does not trust his own experiences after the debacle with the satellite in issue 410, and after stopping a construction site from being destroyed, wants confirmation that it actually took place.


Luthor is loving it.  We learn that he used a mind-ray on Superman, causing him to hallucinate the entire experience with the satellite.


Meanwhile, Clark runs into Steve Lombard, now running a sporting goods store, with more success than his used car lot.  Glad to see a former colleague, Steve offers Clark a job, running his computers and balancing his books, which Clark proves quite adept at.


On the other hand, Lana Lang is none too glad to see Superman, and after covering his latest deeds, pulls him aside to dump on him for leaving Clark out in the cold.  Superman has no idea what to say, and Lana’s concern about Clark shows how much he means to her.


Luthor allows himself to be spotted, and Superman gets into battle with him, but winds up killing him.  Or so it seems.  When he removes his hand from inside Luthor’s chest it sets off a bomb that destroys the world.  Except it doesn’t.  This was all just another hallucination, leaving Superman more upset than ever.


Luthor gloats, while Superman stresses over feeling like he is going insane.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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