Superman 411 – the Julius Schwartz of Earth-1


Maggin, Swan and Anderson interrupt the narrative of Luthor’s latest plan against Superman for a really charming Earth-Prime story, done on honour of editor Julius Schwartz’s 70th birthday, in Superman 411 (Sept. 85).


The story introduces the Julius Schwartz of Earth-1, a homeless failure, who seeks out old friend Perry White as his birthday approaches.


We see that in this reality, Schwartz had conceived of a number of super-heroes, much like the one his Earth-Prime counterpart publishes, but in a world where super-heroes really exist, his stories held no interest for the public.


Miserable and dying, Superman takes Schwartz across the dimensions to Earth-Prime, where the DC staff are having a big birthday party for the real Julius Schwartz.


As the Earth-1 version dies he merges with his Earth-Prime counterpart, staying alive in his body, and experiencing the love and acclaim that was his due.

Corny, but it brings a tear to my eye.


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