Superman 399 – Colonel Future returns


Colonel Future is back in Superman 399 (Sept. 84), with another vision that he strives to prevent, in a story by Kupperberg, Barreto and Hunt.


This time Edmond Hamilton foresees the death of Superman, and gets back into his space outfit to prevent it from coming true.


While I like this character in many ways, I always wish he would simply speak to Superman, rather than going about things in his weird and secretive way.  But then, I guess, there wouldn’t be a story.  In this case, he figures the best thing to do is to capture Superman and replace him.


What his vision failed to make clear was that it was not Superman he saw killed, but one of a group of robbers who disguise themselves as Superman.  By taking the hero’s place, he gets mistaken for one of the gang and gets shot himself.  Superman saves his life, and is extremely patient, considering the problems that Colonel Future keeps causing him.


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