Superman 394 – Valdemar the Viking returns


Maggin, Swan and Hunt bring back Valdemar the Viking, not seen in these pages for almost a decade, in Superman 394 (April 1984).


Perry White hires an old friend to write a daily column for the Planet, but the outrageous things he predicts happening come true, beginning with Valdemar arriving out of the blue to start attacking polluting industries.


But the man is an unwitting pawn of a Soviet plot to destroy the US.  They have a mind control satellite in orbit, which has been making his predictions come true.  They plan to make him president, and then take control of his mind to control the US.


The relationship problems between Perry White and his wife Alice serve as the subplot in the issue, but don’t seem that horrible.  It’s clear the two still love each other.


Superman gets mind-controlled into giving the columnist an endorsement for the presidency, and then helps Valdemar trash some polluters who refuse to give them their evil ways. But the focus appears to be on nuclear energy.


Both Superman and Valdemar are happy to see a new coal-burning factory getting constructed.  Nice, clean, non-polluting coal.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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