Superman 393 – and another one in love with Lana Lang


Bob Rozakis and Joey Cavalieri are joined by Irv Novick and Dick Giordano on Superman 393 (March 1984).


Although he is not involved in the plot, Steve Lombard appears repeatedly in this issue, in television commercials promoting his used car lot.  You gotta feel bad for the guy.


The Master Jailer is the villain in this story, as Carl Draper wants to get rid of anyone else in love with Lana Lang.  Good thing he waited till this issue, or he would have had his hands full. He rigs some rockets after taking them out of NORAD’s control, shooting them into the atmosphere, knowing Superman will race after them.


The rockets were leaded with kryptonite, and the explosion infuses this into Superman’s costume.


But Superman is not the actual target, as Draper explains to him.  He simply wants to prevent Superman from stopping him killing Clark Kent, Lana’s new boyfriend.


There is one genuinely good scene, as the Master Jailer bursts in on a tenant’s meeting at Clark’s apartment, but his attempt to kill Clark fails, because it’s really Superman.  Very prepared, Superman was even wearing a Clark Kent mask to cover his identity.

But the explanation of how he got out of the kryptonite costume, which involves the Bizarro duplicator ray, was terrible.

The Master Jailer had last been seen just over a year earlier in Superman Family, and returns in about a year in Action Comics.


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