Superman 392 – the battle over Lana Lang


Bates, Swan, Maggin and Hunt conclude the Vartox storyline in Superman 392 (Feb. 84).


We learn more about the nature of the alien impersonating Vartox, who has moved from body to body as he defeats increasingly powerful heroes and takes their place.


While Lana’s stalker seems to have given up all hope, heading out to kill himself.  But this does not happen, and he winds up possessed, and confronting Superman.


He joins Superman as the hero fights against the not-Vartox, rescuing Lana while Superman cons the alien into thinking Lana has died.


With the alien unconscious, Vartox will be able to move back into his body.  He had taken over the mind of the stalker, and Lana is so pleased to have been rescued that she not only kisses the guy, but promises to get him a job at WGBS.  Which, you know, might not really be the smartest thing she could do.

Oddly, the story skirts the main problem – who is it that Lana cares for more now, Vartox or Clark Kent?


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