Superman 386 – Luthor plans to blow up the world


Bates, Swan and Hunt conclude the big Luthor reboot in Superman 386 (Aug. 83), but it’s a bit of a let-down in the end.


Luthor heads to the Daily Planet, announcing his reasons for seeking vengeance on Superman to Clark Kent, so the whole world will know.  He also demonstrates the exceptional degree of control he has over his super-suit.


The suit is able to track people, so he finds Lois Lane at her parents place.  He plans to kill her, to cause Superman the grief he had when Ardora died, but finds out that Lois and Superman are no longer a couple.  He lets her live, and she was probably never so glad to have ended her relationship with the hero.


Morgan Edge and Clark are flying across the country, looking for a new sportscaster, now that Steve Lombard has been fired after one prank too many.  They decide to wait until Lana gets back from the Middle East. Lana had jumped on the interviews Lois had put aside when she went home.  From the plane, Clark spots an identical tower to the one that destroyed Lexor, and heads back as Superman to investigate.


He has a bit battle with Lex at the climax of the story, but it turns out the tower is a fake. Lex never planned to destroy Earth, he just wanted Superman to think he would.  And so the tale fizzles out, as Lex escapes.

Shame about the ending, there was so much in this storyline that was really good.


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