Superman 385 – Luthor builds an island


Bates, Swan and Hunt follow up the big Lex Luthor reboot in Action Comics with a two part story, beginning in Superman 385 (July 1983).


The issue recaps the events that took place in Action Comics, with the destruction of the planet Lexor.  The situation was entirely Lex’s fault, but Superman played an unwitting part in it. In Lex’s mind, this makes Superman completely responsible.  Throughout the course of this story, he constructs an island base on Earth from which he will take his vengeance.


The regular supporting cast get some scenes about the drama in their everyday lives.  Lana and Clark Kent continue to grow closer, as his feelings of guilt about Lexor need some friendly affection.  Lois Lane, having completed her assignment in the Middle East, avoids returning to Metropolis, still needing to sort out her feelings about the seemingly futile relationship with Superman.  She heads home to spend some time with her parents, Sam and Ella Lane, who had not been seen since her own book, back in 1969.  Even Perry White is having relationship problems with his wife.


Perversely, Lex is about the only character in this story that is happy, as he steals the resources and recruits the people to build his island.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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