Superman 379 – blowing up Bizarros


Bates, Swan and Hunt introduce and blow up the Bizarro Justice League in Superman 379 (Jan. 83).


While the Bizarro versions of Batman and the Flash had been seen before, though not since 1967, this story introduces Bizarro Green Lantern, Aquaman and Hawkman – and then blows them up.  All the Bizarros are exploding, but only Bizarro #1 is concerned about this.


He decides to head to Earth to get the duplicator ray and replace his blown up friends and allies, but is followed from Bizarro World by a gaseous creature.


Not out to kill anyone, as he was in his last two visits, Superman is much more inclined to help Bizarro, but insists they deal with the actual problem, rather than just create more Bizarros, which will probably also explode.  We see that the gaseous creature has followed them as well, and Bizarro winds up blowing up when the creature touches him.


Superman has no idea what to do, as the creature begins to transform into a more solid, globby thing, and fly back to Bizarro World.


Superman reaches Bizarro World first, and finds it overrun with little green globby things.  The bigger globby thing begins to attack the little globby things, and Superman chooses to help the big glob, because why not?


Once the little green globbies have been destroyed, the big globby thing explodes, releasing all the Bizarros it had consumed.


We discover that Bizarro Lex Luthor had created the big globby thing when he learned that the little gobbly things were on their way to attack the planet.  Superman is happy that things worked out, and probably regrets even getting involved.

Most of these Bizarros return the following year in a story in DC Comics Presents.


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