Superman 378 – a new Colonel Future


Kupperberg, Swan and Hunt execute Superman 378 (Dec. 82) as a tribute to former Superman writer Edmond Hamilton.


The story centres on a military officer named Edmond Hamilton, who is in the advanced sciences division, as nicknamed Colonel Future.  This is a reference to Captain Future, a pulp hero that Hamilton wrote most of the stories for in the 1940s.  In this story, the colonel winds up, painfully, getting a vision of a solar flare heading for Earth.


Hiding his identity, he begins stealing devices to build a futuristic machine that will save Earth from the flare, but comes into conflict with Superman.  He always manages to get away, and Superman gets increasingly puzzled as the man is so apologetic, and steals things with no real value.


Ironically, it’s Superman himself who causes the solar flare, using it to negate Future’s weaponry.  When the Colonel sees this, he realizes that he misinterpreted his vision, apologizes to Superman, and all is well.

It’s actually a bit better than I made it sound.


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