Superman 368 – Superman under the spell of the Revenge Squad, and New Years Eve for Superman 2020


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Superman Revenge Squad storyline in issue 368 (Feb. 82).  Superman heads to Earth with the mission to kill himself, but also changes back along the way.  It’s not really clear what he is planning to do now that he has infiltrated the Revenge Squad.


And to a degree, his plans scarcely matter, as he turns out to be under the mental domination of the Squad.  Uncertain if he really was Superman, they placed a hypnotic mind control on him, which I suppose worked because he was not in his real body.


Frankly, for the big finale, this is oddly messy and confusing.  Superman tries to pretend to Lois Lane that he is really an android sent by the Revenge Squad.  But she does not believe him, and to prove him wrong, jumps off a cliff.  As bizarre as this is, it does work to break the mind control, and Superman becomes himself again.


He heads back to the world of the Revenge Squad, and surrounds it with a gas that removes all murderous impulses – so they will never again be able to send someone out to kill him.

It seems that this gas works very well, as the Revenge Squad do not appear again until an issue of DC Comics Presents that is a crossover with Crisis on Infinite Earths.  With all the time and reality warping taking place at that time, easy to explain getting past the gas.


Superman 2020 becomes Superman 2021 as Rozakis, Saviuk and Chiaramonte bring back the Purists for another round of terrorism.


They attempt to disrupt the New Years celebrations and create riots against non-humans, but Superman III rounds them up again.  Not much of a tale, really.


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