Superman 367 – Superman wins the right to kill Superman


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte continue the Superman Revenge Squad saga in issue 367 (Jan. 82).


To the surprise of Morgan Edge and Lana Lang, Clark Kent is abruptly back at WGBS and ready to do the news broadcast.  The reader, however, is cued in that this is not the real Clark.  It turns out to be Batman in disguise. Supergirl has arranged for various Justice League members to take turns filling in for him.


It’s Green Lantern who gets the next shift, taking the place of Clark as Lois Lane comes to visit, all wet and distressed.  Considering this is Hal Jordan, it’s amazing that Lois makes it out safely.


Superman gets a tour of the world of the Superman Revenge Squad. Despite killing all the members who fail to kill Superman, they also build statues of them in tribute to their efforts.  As had been established long ago, the members vie to be the next ones sent out on missions, so Superman has to battle other Revenge Squaddies.  His skills raise the suspicions of some of those in charge, who have been monitoring Earth, and know that Superman is off in space somewhere.


When Superman, in disguise, wins the right to kill Superman, there are some extra measures that the Revengers take to ensure that, even if this is really Superman, Superman will still die.  I’m sure I have never written the word Superman four times in one sentence before.

The story concludes in the next issue.




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