Superman 365 – Superman vs Supergirl, and Superboy underestimates Perry White


Two multi-part stories begin in Superman 365 (Nov. 81).


The lead story, by Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte, opens with Superman finding his cousin collapsed, a victim of Virus X.  But thanks to his own exposure to it years ago, he knows he simply has to use white kryptonite to nullify its effects.


But then Supergirl begins acting very aggressive and irrationally towards Superman, shrinking him with the ray once used to enter Kandor, and trying to kill him.  We see that some mysterious aliens are behind this, but do not learn the whole story as yet.


Superman gets the upper hand.  The two may be theoretically equal in power, but Superman is far more experienced.  It turns out all that Supergirl really needs is sleep, as she has been kept artificially awake for days. The Virus X infection was merely a decoy to cover what had really been done to her, and to her mind.

The alien behind this plan rushes to the heroes for help, but gets killed before he can explain.

The story continues in the next issue.


Rozakis, Schaffenberger and Chiaramonte begin a two part tale as well in the In-Between Years.


Clark and Lana go sightseeing in Metropolis, and Clark winds up spotting intrepid reporter Perry White on the ledge of a building, spying on some bad guys inside.  Perry almost falls to his death, but Superboy rescues him at super-speed, assuming that Perry will think an updraft saved him.


But Perry is much smarter than that, and is now even more certain that Superboy is in town.

The story continues in the next issue.


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