Superman 364 – Jimmy Olsen’s rival, and why does Grandpa Superman look so old?


Bates, Buckler and Chiramonte put Jimmy Olsen in the spotlight in Superman 364 (Oct. 81).


Jimmy wins a journalism award, but gets confronted by Rory Stasson, a reporter with the Metropolis Eagle a rival paper. Rory accuses not only Jimmy, but also Lois Lane and Clark Kent of riding on Superman’s coat tails.


When Superman faces a new, mysterious foe, both Jimmy and Rory are on the scene to cover it, but while Jimmy just reports what he has seen, Rory’s story incorporates far more information about the “Metro Monster.”  Enough that Rory must know who the man is, but the article doesn’t reveal it.  Assuming Rory is exploiting the situation, Jimmy begins tailing him.


As it turns out, Rory does not know too much more, except that the “monster” is really a victim himself, a scientist whose experiment has gone wrong, and who has been suffering from amnesia.  Rory genuinely was trying to help the man, while at the same time alerting the public.


I enjoyed this story, as it did not go where it seemed to be heading.  Though it would be nice to have a genuine rival, it was great to see the two reporters acknowledge each others skills at the end of the story.


Rozakis, Saviuk and Colletta address the aging that the original Superman has undergone in this Superman 2020 tale.


We discover that the aging is not natural, that it occurred very quickly, the result of a red sun bomb that Luthor had implanted in the sun many years earlier.


A similar bomb, also planted by Luthor, goes off in this tale, and while the father of Superman 2020 suffers a degree of aging by trying to fix the sun, it’s the original, now immune to the effect, who saves the day.


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