Superman 361 – Captain Strong on his honeymoon, and Superman 2020 plays tennis


Captain Strong, the Popeye-like character in the Superman universe, returns in issue 361 after an absence of five years in a story by Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte.


Clark Kent and Lois Lane are taking a cruise, and happen to be on the same ship as Captain Strong and his wife Olivia, finally taking a belated honeymoon.  All is well until a big dragon type thing swoops down to grab the Captain.


Superman has to go into action to save him, but the creature keeps coming back, though it disappears every time it fails to make off with Strong.


And wouldn’t you know it, the creature turns out to be an alien shape-changer, acting for the good if its people with no concern about humans.  What a change.  Although in this case, it’s just after Captain Strong’s sancha, which will help her people survive.

Captain Strong returns in the pages of Action Comics a few years down the road.


Superman 2020 is back,in a story buy Rozakis, Saviuk and Colletta, though you have to kind of wonder why, as his story lacks much in the way of science-fiction action.  It could easily be a present day Superman tale.


As John Hudson, he is playing tennis when he learns of a terrorist attack on Metropolis.  He has to get away from the game, and cover his identity, defeating the terrorists and making it back before Melodee gets suspicious. He does.

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