Superman 359 – more evil aliens, and the In-Between Years begins


There is no question that the early 80s were not a good period for Superman stories.  But on we go, with Superman 259 (May 1981).


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte just seem to be going through the motions as Superman deals with some powerful aliens, who endow some average people with the abilities to make their fantasies come true.


Once again, they are acting in what they believe is the good of their own people, but show no concern for the people of Earth, and Superman has to stop them.


It’s a real shame that Superman – The In-Between Years runs during this era, as it’s not a bad concept for a series: following Clark Kent in the days between leaving Smallville and beginning work in Metropolis.  Rozakis, Swan and Giella open the strip with a flashback to his last day in Smallville, complete with the Superboy cake.


As Clark packs to leave, Lana Lang comes by to say goodbye.  She tells him she is off to Metropolis University, but Clark has not yet decided between there, Hudson University or Gotham University, stating that Smallville is equidistant from all three.  Hudson University, for those who do not catch the reference, was where Dick Grayson was studying for much of the 70s.


Superboy rescues a boy from being kidnapped, and when he learns the boys initials are M.U. takes that as a sign that he is meant to go to Metropolis U.  I hope he never tells Lana the basis of his decision.  Kind of insulting that he did not take that fact that she is going there as a sign.

More stories from the In-Between years run through the next year of issues.


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