Superman 358 – Father Nature, and Bruce (Superman) Wayne returns


Sometimes I really wish I didn’t have my rule about including the cover story if I intend to talk about the back-up tale.  Like with Superman 358 (April 1981).


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte crank out this piece about an alien warrior, Cron, who can affect the weather, and manipulate minds.  He intends to alter the composition of our environment and become the dominant force of nature on the planet.


His goals are benevolent, in his own mind at least, and Superman has to threaten to destroy the Earth in order to get rid of him.


But I had to talk about that story in order to get to the Bruce (Superman) Wayne tale in the issue, by Rozakis, Cowan and Giordano.  In this reality, Bruce Wayne has started dating Barbara Gordon.


In this brief tale, Bruce lies to Barbara in order to get away and stop some terrorists from bombing an airplane.


The ending is the best part.  Barbara catches him in a lie, and he immediately begins to defend not being Superman.  But that isn’t where her mind went at all, as she thought he might be seeing another woman.  Although the story does not make it clear, if this Barbara Gordon is anything like the “real” one, she sure suspects he is Superman now!


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