Superman 355 – a really dumb villain, and another dumb villain


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte introduce a one-shot villain who barely even deserves that chance in Superman 355 (Jan. 81).


The guy is a mad scientist who has created a formula to give himself amazing powers and a gooey appearance.  He kidnaps Jimmy Olsen, thinking that the reporter has come there to spy on him, when all Jimmy was doing was looking for an interview. He explains his entire scheme, and announces his evil name – Momentus, and then leaves Jimmy alone with his signal watch.  He calls Superman.  Duh.


When Momentus gets into battle with Superman he notices his powers increasing.  Superman warns him that he is drawing energy off Superman, and it could destroy him.  He doesn’t listen.  He goes boom.  Idiot.


The introductory story for Superman 2020 concludes, as the new Superman’s family waits for him to show up for the big presentation ceremony,in a story by Bates, Swan and Staton.


Superman III follows the projections of his father and grandfather right into a trap by the leader of the “purity” racists.  Outside the cube the young man is in, the leader explains how the energy he expends getting out of the cube will be channelled into the bomb that will destroy Metropolis.


But that doesn’t happen.  Superman III “reads” the vibrations in the wall, determines what the man is saying, and then contacts his grandfather by ultra-sonics.  The bomb gets defused, and then Superman III breaks out.


Triumphant, the ceremony that gives him his chest symbol finally takes place.

Superman 2020 returns in a couple of months, as Superman 2021.



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