Superman 354 – the good thing about time travel, and Superman 2020 begins


Another new series debuts in Superman 354 (Dec. 80), and once again is better than the lead story.


Not that the story by Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte is bad, just kind of average.  Time Traveller Rodru is found, and brought to Metropolis by a museum curator.  He insists that her younger assistant is really his former companion, Myyla, although the girl remembers none of it, not even after she finds an identical travel suit hidden in her home.


Some action is added to the tale by a criminal, Mr. Alpha, who overhears the discussion and steals the travel suit, using it against Superman.  But this is just sort of filler, to justify the cover picture.


Superman reveals, after doing some digging, that it is really the older woman who is Myyla.  She had been trapped in this time for decades, and felt that her love should have a woman his own age, so tricked the younger girl, planting the suit in her home.  Superman brings the lovers back to their own time, explaining that when one time travels, they always return to their original time at their original age, although that is by no means a constant in time travel stories.

But at least it’s a happy ending.


Superman 2020 starts in this issue, by Bates and Swan again, with Joe Staton on inks.  The series will very soon become Superman 2021.  It deals with the grandson of the current Superman, who is beginning his career as Superman III.  His father and grandfather spend the story waiting for him to arrive for the big ceremony.


Superman III decides to kill off his secret identity, and get a bunch of new ones, rather than following the single alternate identity of his predecessors.


The villains in this story are basically neo-Nazis, although their swastika is modified.  But they are all about the purity of the human race, and plot to kill all three Supermen, as well as destroying Metropolis.


This tale ends with a cliffhanger, as Superman III follows a projection of his father and grandfather, while the bad guy prepares to destroy the city.

The story continues in the next issue.


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