Superman 352 – Destiny comes for Superman


I remember being so excited when Superman 352 (Oct. 80) came out.  I had read the Batman/House of Mystery team-up, and was expecting something along those lines, as Destiny was the narrative star of Secrets of Haunted House at this time.  But Wolfman, Swan and Chiaramonte went quite a different direction with this tale.


Destiny, who knows full well that Clark Kent is Superman, pops up to warn him that a critical moment of destiny is coming for him.  And though he wheedles around the issue a bit, it becomes clear that he is trying to convince Clark not to go into action as Superman.


Clark sort of goes along with this, setting up a pre-recorded tape of himself as Superman retiring, to the surprise of Justice League colleagues the Flash and Green Lantern, as well as Lana Lang, who asks just the right questions at the right time.


But when the big moment comes, and a runaway bulldozer endangers people, Superman wants to stop it, no matter what Destiny says.  Destiny actually restrains Superman, not content with simply warning him.


And so the people save themselves.  Superman has learned that he has to allow others to save themselves sometimes. Right.  Like he didn’t know that.

This issue also has a World of Krypton story, but it’s not very good.  Both World of Krypton and the Private Life of Clark Kent return as rotating back-ups, as well as two new series which would launch in the next couple of issues.


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