Superman 350 – Clark Kent’s vanishing classmates


Clark Kent and Lana Lang head back to Smallville for an alumni dinner in Superman 350 (Aug. 80), in a story by Gerry Conway, Swan and Chiaramonte.


They are honouring a professor of theirs, named Tolkein.  Groan.  I wish there had been some mention of Carl Draper in this tale, but there isn’t.  Instead, it deals largely with nine of their classmates who disappear in the middle of the dinner.


Superman manages to bring them back, even though he isn’t sure where they went, or how they got there.


Later, Tolkein gives a demonstration of his new invention, a black box that can cause matter to be created.  Or so he claims.  We see that the box is connected somehow to the people who vanished, drawing off their mental energies, and the “created” objects are actually teleported.


The demonstration begins to take on a deadly element when an entire office building gets teleported, leaving its occupants in the air.


And by the end of the story Tolkein seems totally out of control of the situation, as the nine minds have merged into a energy being, capable of taking down Superman.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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