Superman 333 – a Bizarro New Year’s Eve


Bizarro returns for a deadly holiday tale in Superman 333 (March 1979), by Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte.


Bizarro World is shown, for the first time in about a decade, and we see that there is a Bizarro Morgan Edge now, who Bizarro works for.


But the bulk of the tale takes place on Earth – or at least in the air above it – as Morgan Edge gets the WGBS crew on a concorde to celebrate New Year’s Eve in every time zone in the US.  Jimmy Olsen and Steve Lombard are along, but Lois Lane and Lana Lang are the two important characters, as Lana is still pondering Superman’s reprimand from the previous issue, and sees how different Lois’ faith in Superman is from her own feelings.  But that gets pushed to the side when Bizarro bursts into the plane.


Bizarro is here to “save” Superman’s friends, which of course means to kill them.  Making the others think Clark is sealed into the bathroom, Superman goes into action against Bizarro, whose powers are still, like the last time, now the opposite of Superman’s.

Playing on this, Superman attached a lead box to the airplane containing mannequins of Lois and Lana, and encourages Bizarro to use his x-ray vision to see that his friends are already dead.  As Superman suspected, Bizarro x-ray vision sees through nothing but lead, and he believes he has succeeded in killing the women, and flies off home, content.


Lana gets another kick in the teeth as the tale ends, and she sees Superman professing his love for Lois.  You just gotta feel bad for her.

Bizarro does not return for three more years.


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