Superman 332 – the Master Jailer imprisons Superman


Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Master Jailer introduction in Superman 332 (Feb. 79).


Superman finds himself trapped in a mirror maze,complete with deadly traps.  None of this would be much of a threat to him, except that his powers continue to be drained by the Master Jailer, and he has to survive using his wits.


Carl Draper has to really jog Lana Lang’s memory before she recalls who he is.  We see that in high school he was overweight and shy, and mocked by most of his classmates.  He worshipped Lana from afar, and all his personal growth over the years was done with the hopes of winning her love.  A futile task, now that he has her in a cell.


The Master Jailer’s prison for Superman is a bit more devious than it first appears, being on a turntable.  The Jailer is also able to give Superman a strong enough mental blast, off of the Atomic Skull’s powers, to induce amnesia, so Superman does not even recall the maze he has already passed through.


Lana is the one to save him.  She cozies up to Draper, to get his keys and short out his control board.  This also fries the devices draining Superman’s powers, so it’s mere seconds before Superman is out of the maze, and the Jailer is in custody.


But despite the rescue, Superman has harsh words for Lana, comparing her to Draper in her behaviour, and making it clear that there is no future for them.  An effective, if downer, ending.

Master Jailer returns in a couple of years in Superman Family.


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