Superman 328 – the Kryptonoid Man


Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte follow up the secret government lighthouse storyline from a few issues ago in this two part story, which begins in Superman 328 (Oct. 78).


The one-armed general is back, fuming against Superman, who goes into space to destroy the laser satellite system, compromised by the Parasite.  He collects the bits before they can fall to Earth, but comes across something with Kryptonian writing.  But as it has been turned to kryptonite, he cannot catch it.


The mysterious object seems to have some sentience, and is able to rebuff a collision with Superman.


We (and Superman) learn that this is a sentient celled organism, designed on Krypton to replace severed limbs, but disposed of because it was too unstable.  On Earth, it requires a host form, and tries to draw that off of Superman.


But it really gains its power when it merges with the one-armed general.  The Kryptonoid Man believes Superman to be his father, Jor-El, who shot the organism into space, and wants vengeance for that.  The general has his own reasons for hating Superman, but those aren’t revealed until next issue, when  the story concludes.

This issue also brings back the Private Life of Clark Kent series, but the story is pretty bland, with a detective who claims to have found Clark Kent’s “real” parents, assuming he was kidnapped as a child.  The Private Life of Clark Kent series moves over to Superman Family after this.


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