Superman 326 – Superman reveals his identity on live tv


Superman openly exposes his secret identity on live tv in issue 326 (Aug. 78).


Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Blackrock story in this issue.  Pete Silverstone has no trouble explaining to Superman the mind control he has subjected him to, getting him to sign an exclusive contract with UBC, and setting up the interview with Lola Barnett, on which he will reveal his identity.  Blackrock’s powerstone is effective at disrupting Superman’s mind.


There is also a set-up for the following issue, as some men in a space ark land on the roof of Clark Kent’s building, and break into his apartment, finding the secret storage area in his closet.


Superman is so busy dealing with Blackrock and his blackouts that he knows nothing about this.  He does discover that this incarnation of Blackrock is pure energy beneath his costume, an artificial being under the control of Silverstone.


All this has been done to fulfill UBC chairman Sam Tanner’s desire to outdo WGBS in the ratings.  But now Superman remembers what they have planned. He goes along with the interview, but has Wonder Woman stand in for Lola Barnett, and uses his powers to mess up the broadcast signal at the critical moment.  Tanner now has to deal with a furious public, and advertisers who paid a million dollars a minute for the show.


Tanner tries to hold Superman to his contract, but Superman has taped proof of Silverstone’s manipulations, and the two are stalemated.

Coming home, things do not get any better as he finds the international terrorist Kobra in his apartment, fully aware of his secret identity.

The story continues in the next issue.

Blackrock, after so many appearances in the past couple of years, takes a break for a bit, returning three years down the road in Superman Family.


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