Superman 325 – Superman’s blackouts


Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte end one plotline and start another in Superman 325 (July 1978).


Jenet Klyburn has been sitting around next to the Atomic Skull’s unconscious body for an awfully long time, wondering where Superman is.  He finally shows up, but is unaware of any huge gap of time.  Skull operatives come to rescue their leader, and though Superman starts to fight them, he winds up carving an attack on WGBS instead.  He has no awareness of these events.


When he gets his senses back, Klyburn informs him about the blackouts.  He stays himself long enough to send Titano off to a distant planet, and we never see the ape again.  Good.  I’m glad Titano gets some peace and quiet.  A different Titano does appear post-Crisis. Lois confronts Lana about her lies in the previous issue, and Lana retorts than any decent reporter would have checked the facts herself.  Lois is still angry, even moreso because Lana has a valid point.


Superman has a couple more blackouts during the story, and during them always acts to criticize WGBS.  By the time the villain openly attacks him, Superman has already figured out that it could only be one person, Blackrock.  But which one?  UBC scientist Pete Silverstone seems to be completely in control of this new Blackrock.  He is also able to take control of Superman’s mind, and has him announce that he will reveal his secret identity on UBC. The story continues in the next issue.

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