Superman 324 – the Atomic Skull controls Titano


Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte have a lot of manipulation going on in Superman 324 (June 1978).


Titano is not really a villain, per se.  His kryptonite vision is deadly to Superman, but he usually only causes problems when frightened.  But the Atomic Skull has had a transmitter placed into the ape’s brain, allowing him to control the beast, and making him far more trouble for Superman.  Even so, Superman does overcome both Titano and the Atomic Skull, albeit briefly.


News about Titano reaches WGBS, and Lana gives Lois Lane the wrong location, which she believes and rushes off to.  Knowing that Lois is the only one able to calm down Titano, Lana disguises herself as her rival and heads out. We learn that the reason Lana Lang came back to Metropolis was that she heard about Lois and Clark’s breakup.  Lana is certain that Clark is Superman, but also believes that the only way to win him is as Clark.


The rain washes away Lana’s disguise, and Titano is upset that she is not Lois.  Superman swoops in to save her, which is not what Lana wanted at all.


Superman hauls out the Supermobile, recently introduced in Action Comics, to scoop up all the kryptonite in the atmosphere, after caging Titano.  Atomic Skull has been lying around unconscious for much of this issue.

The story continues in the next issue.


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