Superman 323 – the Atomic Skull debuts


And it’s blog number 4!  Nice that I get to open it with Superman 323 (May 1978), the first appearance of the Atomic Skull, a villain I really loved, in a story by Pasko, Swan and Adkins.


Been wondering where Skull is getting all that kryptonite, so soon after all the kryptonite on Earth was neutralized?  So was Superman.  In a story I suppose I really ought to have written about (Superman 255), he created an artificial Krypton.  Well, guess what. It blew up just like the original, and has been showering fresh new kryptonite down on Earth.


As Jenet Klyburn, now the head of STAR Labs, is being interviewed on live tv by Oscar Asherman, the WGBS weatherman, she gets kidnapped by Skull operatives and brought to their base, where she finds that her previous boss, Albert Michaels, is not merely the leader of Skull, but has become the Atomic Skull.  His brain emits painful mental blasts, which are slowly killing him, and which (apparently) give him a skull face.


Superman follows, as he was meant to do.  Why else kidnap her on live tv?  But he gets blasted with kryptonite rays from…well, you’ll have to wait on that.


The Atomic Skull is more than happy to gloat to Superman, and fill in the details of what he has yet to learn.  He has no fear of the hero right now, because of his secret “ally.”



The story continues in the next issue.


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